If you can’t travel, then why not podcast?

It’s been a topsy-turvy, turbulent few months for most of us – and that also includes life at the RED office. Or should we say life ‘away’ from the RED office, because we’ve all had to adapt our working practices as well as our actual daily places of work.

It’s been hard not being physically all together at ‘RED Towers’, but our teamwork is arguably stronger than ever, thanks to all the excellent technology that keeps us all connected and communicating, albeit from a distance.

New marketing opportunities

And it’s communication that is the focus of this latest blog, because it’s what RED does best, on behalf of its clients, as a content marketing agency. The inevitable (and completely necessary) travel restrictions resulting from the global pandemic have meant that we have been unable to journey across Europe and beyond to produce the usual high volume of quality marketing and communication materials for our international client base.

However, this challenging situation has actually provided us with ‘thinking space’ for developing new communication opportunities for our clients, and one of these areas of development has been audio podcasts. These are arguably one of the perfect platforms in 2020 for dedicated content to support or supplement a brand’s existing channels.

The benefits of podcasting

There are many advantages to podcasts over other forms of media. The content can be produced remotely anywhere in the world, with participants thousands of kilometres apart. They are cost-effective to produce, simple to distribute, and convenient and easy to consume for the target audience, who can listen to them while working, commuting, travelling, exercising or even relaxing in the garden.

They can be accessed for free via any smartphone or computer and are a fantastic way for a company to build relationships with its customers, employees and other stakeholders. In short, they are just about the only form of media you can consume while doing something else at the same time.

Listen to Onsite

The RED team is currently developing new podcasts for two of its clients and the first one ­– Onsite – has been produced especially for operators, owners and enthusiasts of Hitachi construction machinery. The first episodes take listeners behind the scenes with the latest Hitachi machines, feature in-depth looks at the innovative technological solutions, and include the views of industry experts, contractors and operators on various topics right across the construction and related sectors.

The new podcast can be found online at Onsite or alternatively streamed and downloaded via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and most other popular podcast apps.

Watch this space for details of another new podcast RED is developing for another of its international clients. If you want to help your brand build a loyal base of followers worldwide, then please get in touch with us. We’ll also show you how to take the first steps in your podcasting journey.

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