How will Twitter changes affect your marketing efforts?

The 140 character max limit has turned us into straight-to-the-point, concise communicators. However, it seems like the powers that be at Twitter HQ have decided they’re prepared to give us a little more leeway. We decided to investigate how the changes will affect your social media marketing efforts.

Rolling out the changes over the next few months, the following will no longer use up your precious character space:

• Twitter IDs (in replies)
• photos and GIFs
• polls
• web addresses
• quote tweets.

As well as giving you that little extra count to get across your message, the changes could make the twitter-sphere a safer place for users.

Here’s why… shortened weblinks used in place of full addresses make it easier for accounts to hide malware that can infect computers. Tweeters can’t see where these links lead to and have become so desensitised to shortened links due to them being so commonplace.

What else is changing?

Soon you will be able to retweet and quote yourself – handy for social marketers with a shortage of time on their hands.

Targeted tweets will also be visible to all followers now and a new #stickers feature will mean that you can add emoji stickers and drawings or symbols to your images in a move that mirrors Snapchat.

On the company blog, Sasank Reddy, Sr Product Manager at Twitter posted: “Millions of photo Tweets are sent every day, capturing moments – big and small – that the world is talking about. Today, we’re excited to introduce #stickers, a fun new way to add creativity to your photos and connect them to the world on Twitter.”

All these changes can only be a good thing for Tweeters – allowing us to be more creative and to accurately get a message across without having to forego that much needed comma or apostrophe.

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