How we boosted our clients’ social media marketing in 2020

In our previous blog post, “How has COVID-19 changed social media?”, we outlined the changes in the digital landscape in Spring 2020. We also noted that now is a good time to reconnect and fully engage with customers in a meaningful way. This principle has been applied across our client base with successful results.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has seen an already high level of engagement, impressions and video views increase by over 150%. This has been achieved through a number of ways.

Creating engaging content

HCME’s social media has always been about connecting with the audience through customer stories and other user-generated content, as opposed to sales blurb. However, with more people at home, it has provided an opportunity to engage even more with fans.

Through Hitachi social media channels, we have provided colouring pictures and activities packs for children, weekly competitions and quiz questions. A new podcast has also been introduced to entertain fans, and we rallied together HCME’s dealers to spread the #StaySafe message to customers across Europe.

Understanding new behaviours

There is no doubt that screen time has increased during the past month. However, the times and dates at which people are online has also seen a shift according to our clients’ analytics.

Although there are many guides online offering “the best times to post”, it is important to look into your channel’s analytics to find out when your particular followers are browsing their newsfeed. You may find that outside of work hours was previously the most popular time, but this has shifted in recent weeks.

We have used this information to double the number of posts on more popular days, and provide activity-based content when our followers are most likely to be available and engaged.

Ensure it’s a two-way street

Taking time to reply to visitors creates an active audience and allows us to listen to their feedback. We’ve been setting aside additional time each day to respond to the increase in comments, and as a result HCME has regular engagement from individual followers.

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