Optimise your email marketing

Email marketing activities are recognised as one of the top tools for converting prospects. According to a study by SaleCycle, over 50% of people make a purchase based on a marketing email at least once a month, and 6 in 10 are influenced to make purchase decisions.

They yield a high return on investment (ROI) and should form an important part of your marketing plan. So, how can you make sure your email marketing activities are effective? Keep reading for our top tips.

Capture high-quality leads

Since 2016, there have been laws surrounding the collection of people’s data (GDPR). Although the regulations make gathering leads more difficult, you can be sure that the data you do hold is of high-quality and more meaningful to your business.

Building a database of email contacts can take time, but it will yield rewards and contribute towards an effective and successful marketing campaign.

There are many great ways to gather email leads. These include:

  • landing page sign-up forms
  • lead generation ads on social media
  • offering digital goods via sign-up (for example, an e-book or whitepaper)
  • in person at events (the ‘old-fashioned’ way).

Segment your audience

According to a Hubspot survey, subscriber segmentation is one of the leading strategies for email campaigns, that will enable the tailoring of them for the best ROI.

For example, a sportswear company has a large email database of customers. When signing up, they check boxes to inform the company which sports they are interested in and participate in. Should the company be promoting running gear towards customers who only snowboard? Probably not.

In this instance, customers who selected snowboarding as their interest are most likely to engage with an email dedicated to that sport.

Create a cohesive journey

Automated emails are automatically sent out by your service provider based on a set of pre-defined rules.

These can create a cohesive journey and the introduction of the brand to your prospect – for example, emails such as a thank you for subscribing, introductory offers and a product/service overview. Or they may react to a user action, such as an abandoned cart, purchase or back in stock notification.

Grab ‘em with the subject line

The most vital part of any email is the subject line. If it isn’t catchy and enticing, the recipient won’t open it and all your efforts will have gone to waste. According to optinmonster.com, 47% of recipients will decide whether to open your email or not, based soley on the subject line.

Create subject lines that induce curiosity, add an element of scarcity or something that might address your customers’ pain points.

It’s also a great area for trying out A/B testing.

Align with your marketing goals

It’s important that ALL your marketing efforts align with your objectives. Are you looking to sell more of a certain service or product? Focus on this and include a call to action they can’t refuse.

Do you want to drive more visitors to your website? Make sure you include links. Just trying to build a connection with the customer and increase loyalty? Personalise the email and cater for their pain points.

There are so many different tweaks you can make to your email marketing activities and campaigns to optimise your results. Would you like to find out more, and discover how RED can help boost your email marketing? Get in contact.

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