How can you increase your blog traffic?

Now you know why blogging is important for your business, how can you increase the traffic? There are several ways to make sure people are seeing your quality content, including the following…

Advertise it on social media!

If you aren’t posting your content on social media, how will people know it is there? We know from experience that RED, and our clients, see spikes in site visits every time we post something on social media. Share as much content as possible, but be aware that different social media platforms have different personalities, so make sure you tailor accordingly!

Keep your content SEO-friendly

With numerous SEO tools and help sheets available today, it is becoming easier to generate search engine-friendly content. However, useful and quality material will always perform better, so please ensure what you are writing matters to your audience.

Use analytics to tailor content

Do you track your analytics? If not, how do you know what posts are popular? You must look into your analytics regularly and tailor posts accordingly. You want to avoid the risk of constantly posting about things that no one is reading, and scarcely giving air time to topics that do well – because, after all, you won’t actually know what drives traffic if you don’t check!

Let your audience spread the word

As well as posting to social media, where readers can share or retweet content, check that your blog has a clear facility to do so too. Icons at the end of blog posts allow the reader to share content direct from your blog and onto their preferred social media channel. On the same thread, make sure you include links to relevant areas of your website to drive traffic towards other posts.

Do you need assistance in driving traffic to your blog? We can help! Find out what we can do to take your business to the next level on our digital media page.

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