How can businesses make the most of social media during ‘Lockdown 2.0’?

Over the past decade, social media has become increasingly important for businesses in communicating and engaging with customers. However, in 2020 it has become an even more vital tool than ever before.

Maintaining a social media presence allows you to inform clients or customers of reopening dates and times, safety procedures, or even to let them know that you are still operating as normal (if applicable).

Some businesses may have switched their focus from the day-to-day running of an ‘open shop’ to developing an online presence and digitising their business to fit current restrictions. For example, a gym posting online workouts, or a bakery shop running a new delivery service.

How you utilise social media is largely industry-specific. However, there are a few different ways you can ensure you maintain brand awareness and bounce back stronger than ever.

Build an authentic relationship

If you’re spending less time on the ‘shop floor’ and more time at your desk, seize the opportunity to truly connect with customers. If you don’t already, encourage real engagement from your followers with questions, and then respond to their answers with long-form and fully formed answers.

Many small businesses without dedicated digital staff wouldn’t ordinarily have the time to maintain these conversations. However, they’re extremely important for a number of a reasons. A conversation on your social media posts is great for the Facebook algorithm (increasing your reach). Most importantly though, it helps build trust in your business and creates an affinity for your brand.

Get creative with your service offering

This is entirely dependent on the industry. Consider whether your business can offer any online services. Do you have a skill that many people will pay to learn? Do you have the capacity to take orders via social media for delivery or collection?

For example, a florist might have to close shop but can offer wreath-making classes in the run up to Christmas. This would also require customers to buy pre-made kits.

Alternatively, a bar may be able to offer online cocktail classes. In addition, gym-goers may choose to retain their membership for guided home workouts and consultants can move towards digital learning sessions.

Social media can facilitate these types of activities, in addition to being a tool to market them.

Stay at the forefront

Even if you are not providing services as usual, maintaining your social media presence will keep you in your customers’ minds. Most people are looking to regain normality as soon as is safe, so will resume their custom once lockdown is lifted.

If you’d like assistance with your social media, we can help. RED has experience across a range of industries and business sizes. We can help you schedule and post creative optimised copy on a regular basis.

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