There are so many great reasons we love meeting the customers of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) at their job sites. Not only are they always knowledgeable and friendly, but they are often working on fascinating projects of real benefit to society. None more so than the dedicated individuals at Heros Sluiskil, located in The Netherlands.

Urban mining operations

A team from RED was dispatched to its 40-hectare site in the province of Zeeland. We went to see how Hitachi construction machinery was helping on an ‘urban mining’ operation. Heros is processing domestic and industrial waste, recovering metals such as copper, aluminium and iron for reuse.

This huge sustainability project aims to make sure nothing that people throw away goes to waste. Heros is also recovering bottom ash. This is used in road construction and possibly even more applications in the future. The company receives an incredible 5,000 tonnes of raw materials from a nearby canal every day.

Difficult conditions

On the demanding site, we were lucky enough to see a range of Hitachi equipment in operation, including a ZW310-5 wheel loader and a ZX350LC-5 excavator. The operators on site were really dedicated to their work and the machines had to withstand some very difficult conditions.

However, the results are worth it. Thanks to companies such as Heros Sluiskil, society benefits from new products created from materials that would ordinarily have gone to waste. We’d like to thank Peter David and Peter van Liere for showing us around and making us feel welcome.

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