Helping Hull Homeless (part two)

Over the past six months, RED has volunteered digital and design services to Hull Homeless Community Project (HHCP). In part one, we caught up with founder, Andrew Smith, discovering what motivated him to start the charity and how it has evolved over the past seven years.

In part two, we continue our conversation with Andrew to find out more about how he has found working with RED and his hopes for the future of the charity.

How has RED’s involvement helped the charity?

Massively! For any charity, you need to be public facing. You need to be clear and concise about your message and what you are trying to achieve.

The website and practical help from RED has been invaluable. The improvements to the website, making it clearer and easier to use, are just fantastic.

We need to take pride in our presentation and who we are. How good our website looks and how informative it is, has a massive part to play in our success.

RED are so friendly and approachable. We get great results, but also a lovely team of people, who are, themselves, being educated about homelessness. For a company to believe in what we do is very touching.

So, what does the future hold for HHCP?

More of the same really, just on a bigger scale. What we are doing is working, but we need more volunteers and a bigger reach. The community hub, due to launch, will help. However, we are unfunded, so we have to generate everything we need.

We say to individuals and businesses – like RED – if you’re in a position to do something that will add value to someone or to a community, you should really do it. You are not only making good use of your time and resources, you’re potentially saving somebody’s life.

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