Help and hospitality in Budapest

A huge RED thank you to Hungary’s authorised Hitachi dealer, MPH Építögép Kft, and in particular the company’s co-owners István Mándity and Krisztián Pölz. We very much appreciated their help and hospitality on a recent trip to the central European country, where we were based in the beautiful capital of Budapest.

They also introduced us to three very different Hitachi customers, which helped us to gain a thorough understanding of Hungary’s construction industry:

  • Duna Aszfalt, based in the town of Tiszakécske, is one of the biggest contractors in the country and part of a group of 15 companies. It has more than 600 employees and specialises in mainly public sector projects, including road and bridge construction, quarries, and concrete and asphalt plants
  • Barabás is one of the top three concrete paving block manufacturers in Hungary with 40 different types of products sold through the building trade on a national basis. The Veszprém-based company has 70 full-time employees and 15 casual workers spread across its two production plants
  • TAM-BAU Kft operates with the flexibility of a small company with the efficiency of a larger firm through its civil engineering and construction work. It is based in the town of Tamási with a loyal team of 90 employees.


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