Get the most from Twitter

Ever get the feeling that you’re tweeting something for the sake of it? Or are you aimlessly scrolling to keep up with the latest trends? If so, it’s time to rethink your approach to Twitter and make sure that the platform is working for you!

Have a unique voice

As with any other social media, having an active Twitter presence is useful for any business. After all, the principle is the same: engage with your (potential) customers and generate interest in who you are and what you do.

Although many people appreciate Twitter’s immediacy, it doesn’t hurt to plan in advance. For example, scout ahead and identify upcoming events that are of relevance to you. Is there a way in which you can interact and stand out from the crowd?

Looking and acting the part

And just because Twitter is considered the ‘word’ platform (always check your spelling!), don’t underestimate the power of visual content. Adding movies and photography to your tweets is a sure-fire way of increasing engagement levels.

If there was a Twitter ‘fail’, it is almost certainly to do with frequency. Avoid sending out a glut of messages in a day and then falling silent for months! Two things are bound to happen: either your followers will feel they are being bombarded, or worse, they will unfollow you owing to perceived inactivity.

Get creative

Going back to relevancy, don’t be tempted to follow everyone that you come into contact with. Aim for quality over quantity. And finally, have fun! Twitter is the ideal place to try out something quirky, so let your creativity flow. The results might surprise you.

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