Florence two times

Two trips to Florence airport in a week was the fortunate fate facing Paul earlier this year when he first flew into Tuscany on a working mission – and then after one day at home to pack, he took his family back along the same route for their summer holiday. It’s a dirty job…

Picturesque quarry

We’ll let him tell you about his holiday in the sun through other channels. However, the RED blog is more interested in the visit he and Glenn made to the small city of Orvieto, perched on a rock cliff in a picturesque location in southern Umbria. The area is renowned for the basalt quarry, which started in the 1960s. Enormous amounts of igneous rock have been used to construct many of the buildings in the city.

Today, however, half of the quarry’s materials are used to produce stone to be laid around rail tracks. The other half for aggregates used in the production of asphalt. To cope with the steady demand for the material from the picturesque quarry, owner Basalto La Spicca SpA decided to invest in two impressive new Hitachi ZX350LCN-6 medium excavators – the main reason for the RED team’s visit.

Excellent promotional materials

Added to a beautiful day, cooperative dealer (SCAI) and happy customer, the boys returned with some excellent promotional materials gleaned from this project. These have already been used in all print and digital formats for Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV’s communication tools.

Special thanks go to SCAI’s Elisabetta for all of the arrangements (especially those at the last minute!). Also to her colleague Cristian for looking after the team so well during its brief stay.

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