Five minutes with… Nicole

Once again, it’s time to put the kettle on and have a quick catch up with one of the team. This week, we speak to Digital Account Manager, Nicole Gallagher.

Q: Describe your typical day.

There isn’t really one. The first thing I do (after getting a coffee!) is check my emails. Then I see how the social media accounts have been performing the previous day.

I’m really interested in the analytics. They’re important because they help to form new ideas and figure out what does and doesn’t work in terms of the type of post, days and times, and best performing hashtags.

From then on, it could be anything from proofreading to setting up email campaigns and putting up press releases or engaging with our clients’ followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The only things that stay the same are my morning coffee and a midday walk around the hills of South Cave.

Q: Tell us about some of the highlights from your time at RED.

Going to Amsterdam for social media training in my first week was a real highlight. I enjoy learning, especially when it revolves around digital marketing, so that was great. It was my first time in Amsterdam too!

Q: How would you describe your approach to work?

I’m quite relaxed, and I find it helps me get things done efficiently without any flapping. I usually set out a to-do list and work my way through it task by task – I don’t let things get on top of me, even when it’s really busy.

Q: What do you do to relax?

I enjoy HIIT and the odd season of running (I completed my first half marathon this year).

I travel a lot too. I’ve always been really curious about different countries and cultures, so I like to get away to see as many places as possible. I have a little challenge with myself to beat the number of countries I managed to visit the previous year in the current one. I don’t think I’ll ever beat this year’s 15 though!

My favourite places so far have been New York, Lake Bled (Slovenia) and Kosice (Slovakia).

Q: What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in an agency position?

You have to have several skills to bring to the table, as it’s quite varied. You also have to be able to take feedback well and be adaptable – different clients want things done differently to others and not every client will agree with the way you do things, so you need to be able to put their feedback into action.

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