First Hull Design Meetup of 2019

RED Designer Matt attended 2019’s first Hull Design Meetup at C4Di.

The event brings together creatives, businesses, freelancers and industry experts in a range of conferences, expert talks, interviews and panel discussions to allow participants to grow through the value of design.

The sold-out evening was presented by Owen Turner, founder of United by Design, who discussed the design, strategy and collaboration process.

Owen offered an insight into his career path, from university to founding his own branding agency, based in York.

After a pizza – and beer – break the group also discussed specific case studies. These ranged from estate agents to breweries. While, the presenter also showcased relatable and inspiring stories and projects from conception to completion to inspire attendees.

As with the previous event, last week’s meetup provided much inspiration for Matt. We would like to thank the organisers of the event: C4Di, Mattix Design, TH3 Design and Design Hull.

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