RED has strong links with The Netherlands. Many of our clients are based there, and as a result we’ve enjoyed exploring the country as part of our work and for leisure purposes.

We asked the RED team to each share a bit more about their favourite place or story from a trip to The Netherlands!


My favourite place is The Nine Streets in Amsterdam. My wife Vicks and I stayed there on our first visit in 2006, and we always go back and have a look when we get the chance.

The area consists of quaint and quirky streets that straddle Amsterdam’s grandest canals to form the city’s most photogenic micro-neighbourhood. Known to locals as De Negen Straatjes (or ‘The Nine Streets’), this special attraction is full to bursting with vintage and designer shopping, speciality stores and cosy cafés.


It’s hard to narrow down my favourite place in The Netherlands. I feel very much at home in the country and have celebrated many Queen’s Days there in the past (now King’s Day of course!).

My wife is Dutch, I’ve lived in the centre of Amsterdam and we got married there. All the family’s still scattered around Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague, so visiting is great fun and always interesting because the architecture is so different to what we have back home.

I guess I’m happiest when I’m cycling alongside the canals and stopping off at an interesting cafe for a local craft beer, or a coffee and a cake.

My kids have Dutch passports, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one, or both of them end up living over there one day. It’s a great place to be young – or feel young – that’s for sure!


In 2019, I made the most of The Netherlands’ abundance of bicycles and hired one to cycle around Kinderdijk. As a tourist, the windmills are an iconic postcard landmark and I was really lucky to get to explore them on a sunny day.

The windmills were granted Unesco World Heritage status in 1997, because of their cultural, historical and technological significance. I love both exploring culturally significant places and being active outdoors, so Kinderdijk was always going to come out top for me.


The place I have visited the most in The Netherlands is Schiphol Airport. It’s not exactly my favourite place, but I associate it with lots of work adventures with our clients and photographer friends either in The Netherlands or further afield.

This picture was taken when I was heading to Japan to visit some Hitachi factories, and feeling nervous about the ten-hour flight and being so far from home for a week! Lockdowns over the past year have made me even more grateful that I had the chance to go.

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