Fewer marketing professionals place importance on technology

How much value do you attach to being perceived as an early adopter of technology?

Answers from a recent report by SoDa and Forrester suggest that marketing professionals are not placing the same emphasis on it as in previous years.

Findings show that 72% of those who took a survey believed being an early adopter of technology was important. This is 3% fewer than in 2015.

Results show that marketers are still placing a high importance on pursuing emerging technologies. However, the previously growing emphasis is levelling off.

The report was based on results from this year’s Global Digital Outlook Online Survey. Results suggest that the decline in priority “indicates that marketers understand that technology is not a panacea.” The report adds, “Technology is the enabler, not the end in and of itself.”

Further insights

Other key insights include the growth in marketing professionals that believe their organisations are very – or somewhat – digitally innovative. Survey takers also said they are ready to face the complexity faced by professionals over the next five years.

Choices for “How prepared are you to cope with the level of complexity you anticipate facing?” ranged from ‘not at all’ to ‘very’. There were 6% fewer this year in the ‘not at all’ camp, with 6% more reporting that they were ‘very’ ready.

In a recent interview with Adsquare, Head of Sales at Acxiom Germany, Eric Heiliger commented on the changing face of the industry. He said, “Marketing has never been as complex as it is now.”  Adding, “We see an explosion of data that is largely siloed, and an explosion of channels where you can reach your customers.”

Alongside this comes an increase in the amount of budget allocated to digital, something that comes as little surprise considering the other results.

The full modern marketers report can be read on sodareport.com.

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