Facebook is making big changes to help businesses

We take a look at some of the new developments that could make a difference to you.

Scheduling live video

The change to Facebook Live – available only to pages – means you can build momentum before filming live. Currently, streams are spontaneous and, as a result, followers can often miss out, or are unprepared for the stream. You can promote upcoming live videos in posts at the moment, but you’re still counting on the posts reaching your whole intended audience and you can’t post a link to the stream either.

Facebook will notify audiences up to a week prior to the stream helping to create an audience before going live. This development also allows you to post links to the stream, which also means elsewhere beforehand.

2016 is the year of video for Facebook – and social media marketing in general – so these updates are much needed to help the marketing efforts of small, medium and large businesses. They might use Facebook Live to promote an event, give a behind-the-scenes look into their activities, tease new products or answer questions related to products and services.


The new work-friendly social network was announced last week. Previously called the not-so-catchy ‘Facebook at Work’, the stripped version of the social networking channel is ad-free and includes all the features of the full version, except you can only communicate with colleagues.

In addition, you can keep up with team updates, collaborate with external teams, instant message colleagues and audio or video call remote workers. It’s likely that everyone working in your company, including newcomers, will know how to use Facebook. This makes Workplace a great way to streamline your internal communications on an easy-to-use platform.

Tagging your products

Another new business-handy feature Facebook are adding includes the ability to tag products. Pages can tag products in images and videos to send potential customers to a dedicated product page.

Social media marketing is becoming ever more important. Any developments to improve and streamline processes can make a huge difference. It’s going to be really interesting to see Facebook evolve in this way even more. Keep the updates coming Facebook!

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