Are you engaging with your audience on social media?

Engaging with your audience is important for many reasons. ‘Talking’ to your customer (or potential) base builds trust. You are no longer just a brand name, but someone who can listen to their needs and understand them. That trust and mutual understanding results in your audience building an affinity for your brand.

As mentioned in one of our previous posts on monitoring social media, continued engagement also helps your social media marketing efforts.

How can you really engage with your audience?

Respond to all messages, comments and posts

There are many reasons you should be doing this, aside from engagement. For example, if someone has an issue with your product or service, offering a quick response prevents them spreading poor reviews everywhere else. Quickly resolving an issue can also rectify the reputation of your brand.

Aside from that, chatting with an already engaged audience via social media builds affinity, allows you to listen to your customers and put their ideas and feedback into practice. It can also generate positive reviews which are in full view on your page.

Begin your workday by logging into your social media channels and replying to customers – even if they haven’t asked a question. Ask them what their favourite products/services that you offer are, or even just how their day is!

Social listening

Check what others are saying about you. Whether positive or negative, join in the conversation. If you aren’t a part of the ‘discussion’ you can’t enjoy the great feedback or defend and rectify the issues.

Twitter is a perfect example. Type in your company name in the search bar and see what others are saying about you, and respond. Alternatively, type in relevant local industry terms to see if anyone is looking for recommendations or advice on a service you offer.

Put the spotlight on user-generated content

If you receive a lot of testimonials, reviews and images from your customers, don’t be afraid to use them! User-generated content tends to get shared more, it encourages others to send in images and reviews, and helps you fill up your social media schedule with plenty of varied content.

In addition, the customer builds affinity with your brand because you are giving them attention and offering something authentic.

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