Discovering Vancouver Airport

Our intrepid travellers have always dreamt of leisure time in the Rockies, Vancouver Island or on a cruise up to Alaska. Unfortunately for Paul and Glenn, their first visit to the west coast of Canada meant the furthest they ventured away from Vancouver Airport (YVR) was the shuttle bus that took them back and forth to a nearby hotel during their busy four-day stay.

Filming in the world’s best airport

RED’s first trip (of two) to North America in 2016 took the team to YVR. In 2016 the airport was named the world’s best airport by the CAPA Centre for Aviation. Turning a blind eye to the thousands of holidaymakers arriving in British Columbia, the guys spent three days filming and photographing the airport’s baggage handling system for our client, Vanderlande.

A job well done

The invaluable content from the transatlantic visit was enhanced by a series of interviews with airport personnel. As well as producing written case study materials, the latest process and World of Vanderlande movies were completed to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Our special thanks go to Ariane for her company and cooperation, and Robbert for his invaluable help and hospitality.

Click here to watch the movie on YouTube.

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