Challenges in motion

RED has plunged into the world of recruitment marketing with the recent addition of Vanderlande’s ‘Challenges in Motion’ campaign to our portfolio. Our client tasked us with interviewing a select team of personnel on what it’s like to work for the company in the hope that they will help to entice some new recruits to follow suit.

Vanderlande has more than 5,000 employees – and is expanding rapidly – and so its current recruitment drive is a key aspect of its growth strategy. As well as visiting the company’s head office in Veghel, The Netherlands, Paul and Glenn also conducted the interviews at Oslo Airport in Norway and an Argos distribution centre in England.

RED’s approach is to get to know the interviewees as much as time allowed before they were interviewed on camera. This not only helped them to feel at ease, but also had a positive impact on how they portrayed their experiences of working with Vanderlande.

The fruits of our labour are a series of job area movies, in which the employees not only explain what they do, but also the challenges they face to develop their careers. The highlights have also been edited into a compilation movie for the international recruitment market. They all feature on Vanderlande’s YouTube channel, careers website and social media outlets.

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