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Social media cited as the most difficult marketing tool to master

Social media and SEO have been cited as the most difficult tactics to execute when it comes to digital marketing. Ascend2 conducted a study (2016 State of Digital Marketing Survey), interviewing almost 300 marketing professionals to find out what they thought of the current landscape. The study highlighted the two areas as the most challenging to marketers, particularly because they

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How will Twitter changes affect your marketing efforts?

The 140 character max limit has turned us into straight-to-the-point, concise communicators. However, it seems like the powers that be at Twitter HQ have decided they’re prepared to give us a little more leeway. We decided to investigate how the changes will affect your social media marketing efforts. Rolling out the changes over the next few months, the following will no

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Fewer marketing professionals place importance on technology

How much value do you attach to being perceived as an early adopter of technology? Answers from a recent report by SoDa and Forrester suggest that marketing professionals are not placing the same emphasis on it as in previous years. Findings show that 72% of those who took a survey believed being an early adopter of technology was important. This

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