Best of all worlds

Despite the lull in worldwide travel, the REDs are still working hard on a range of exciting projects for our clients. However, while his suitcase goes into temporary storage, we asked Andy Lynch to reflect on his top five global work assignments from his time at RED.

No. 5 – Romania

“I’m going to kick off my list with an autumnal visit with Hitachi to Romania. This was one of those great trips where everything goes like clockwork. Our hosts were the friendliest, most helpful and knowledgeable people you could meet, and they laid on three terrific customer visits. We came back with incredible content and were even given a tour of Bucharest to boot. All in all, a well-oiled machine.”

No. 4 – Heathrow Airport, London

“OK, admittedly not the most glamorous of locations, but going behind-the-scenes to film at one of the world’s busiest airports was pretty special. Beforehand, I didn’t really have a handle on what happened to your suitcase after you’d checked it in. My eyes were certainly opened at Heathrow! If you didn’t have an escort, you’d probably never find your way out.

“As a copywriter, one of the things I enjoy most is on-site interviews with senior representatives from the customer’s side. The guys we spoke to at Heathrow were a professional bunch, and happy to provide plenty of info about the airport and the challenges it faces.”

No. 3 – USA (Miami)

“This was one of those trips where you look around and think to yourself: “is this real?” The title for the movie we were making for Yanmar was ‘proven by adventure’, which of course, proved itself to be a fitting sobriquet for our time in Miami. Our destination was the Miami Boat Show, and it was a privilege to be filming in such a stunning location.

“The ‘is this real’ moment came aboard a speedboat hurtling around Biscayne Bay and places such as ‘Star Island’ in order to capture footage for the movie as the sun was setting. Pure magic.”

India recruitment movies
No. 2 – India (Pune)

“This came close to the top spot, because it’s a country I’ve always wanted to visit. We were on an assignment to film a whole host of recruitment movies on behalf of client Vanderlande, and Pune is an important strategic location for the company.

“After several long flights, stepping out into a bustling Indian metropolis was an extraordinary experience. It takes a few days just to get used to the traffic system! Our week in India was filled with enthusiastic participants, memorable experiences and fascinating locations. Definitely a trip I will look back on with great fondness.”

No. 1 – Greenland

“I remember, in a customer magazine article, I wrote that Greenlan

d was a ‘place like no other’. How true that was. Crystal clear seas, indomitable glaciers, and the northern lights. One of the reasons why I’ve listed Greenland as my number one, is because it was my first major trip for RED. I learned so much, not just in terms of work but also about myself.

“Whether it’s taking a speedboat through choppy waters, feeding Arctic foxes, or conducting interviews in sub-zero temperatures, it’s all in a day’s work to secure high-quality content. I might never go back to Greenland, so count myself lucky to have had an opportunity to head out on such an adventure.”

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