Are you getting the most from your website?

Your website is a key tool for communicating with customers. In the digital age, it is the face of your brand. Therefore, it is vital you have the best website possible. We investigate small things you can do to make sure your website is up to scratch…

Make it responsive

Approximately 80% of internet users own a smartphone. So although they may initially find your website on a desktop, a return visit may be on a tablet or a smartphone. Sites that are not mobile-friendly and lack a responsive design are passed up by consumers almost immediately, resulting in a potential loss of sales and leads.

Work on your SEO

There are many different ways of making your website SEO-friendly. Quality copy with relevant keywords is just one that we covered in our previous post of ‘how to increase your blog traffic’ and can be utilised across your website. Using alt-tags in images, metadata and links to your advantage can also help with this.

Analyse visitor behaviour

Is the bounce-rate high? Are visitors always dropping off on a certain page? Look at your insights and optimise pages that might be causing potential customers to leave your website. Consider if there are issues with the user-friendliness of these specific pages, or if you need to add links to other areas of the website to prevent this.

Consider your user’s goals

What is the end-goal for customers on your website? And just as important, what do you want them to do? Perhaps you want them to find out the services you offer, or complete a specific subscription form? Make it easy for them, and place this call to action action at the heart of your website design process.

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