A year in review – 2020

Although 2020 was an eventful year for us all, there were still many highlights for RED to reflect on. Join us as we look back at the past 12 months. 

In the beginning of 2020, we were lucky enough to travel and work across four continents with our clients – from Australia to America, and from Asia to Europe.

On a trip to Melbourne, Australia, with Vanderlande, Andy (Lynch) and Jon were lucky enough to visit the set of iconic TV show Neighbours (which you can read about here). After that, they continued the filming project in the USA – New York and Indiana to be exact. Paul and Glenn later visited Japan as part of the same project.

In contrast to the warmer climes of Oz, Paul and Glenn also headed to the border between Finland and Russia with Hitachi to see its machinery clearing snow on site. Find out more about their trip in our blog.

Our final trip abroad of the year (before the first lockdown) was Andy (Dukes) and Jon’s visit to Italy with our client YANMAR. He went into the Tuscan wine region to learn all about advanced field robotics research. You can read all about it here.

Adapting to the ‘new normal’

Like many of our clients, the RED team began working from home in March 2020. Fortunately for us, working digitally and international communication are our specialities, so we were able to quickly adapt to the ‘new normal’.

New opportunities

In the absence of travel, we also saw an exciting opportunity to offer a new service – podcasting. RED already had the necessary in-house experience and equipment needed to research, create, distribute and promote podcasts for our clients.

Our podcasting activities began with Hitachi’s new series Onsite (which has now been downloaded thousands of times). And Vanderlande also capitalised on the medium with Check-in, all about the world of airports.

You can read our blog on the benefits of using podcasting as a marketing tool.

A major Hitachi launch

Throughout the year, we have had the opportunity to create and distribute all the marketing materials for Hitachi’s latest range of construction equipment – Zaxis-7.

Our team worked enthusiastically to design advertisements, write brochures and landing pages, interview customers (about their new machines), and build social media and PPC campaigns to promote the new line-up.

Our client’s social media channels also saw a surge in engagement and impressions. In response, we posted more than ever before, and gave back to their supportive community with feel-good movies and children’s activity packs to keep them entertained during lockdown.

An in-depth look at the industry

In 2020, we also produced a variety of white papers. These covered topics from the machinery rental market to the impact of COVID-19 on warehousing and parcel logistics . The in-depth features form part of our clients’ wider content marketing strategies. They ultimately help them to prove their authority and leadership in their respective industries. In addition, they educate their audiences and build trust with their customers.

Off the back of such a momentous 12 months, the RED team has returned with more inspiration and commitment than ever! We look forward to working together with you all again in 2021.



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