A strong link in the chain

Be honest: what’s your relationship with LinkedIn? Are you job-hunting, recruiting, networking, or do you think that it exists somewhere purely for ‘suits’?

For many people, LinkedIn used to be the distant relation when it came to social media. While the user numbers might never stack up to Facebook or Instagram levels, LinkedIn has remained strong and can still be integrated as part of an effective marketing strategy.

As a general rule, don’t be tempted to treat it entirely differently from other platforms. After all, the basics are pretty much the same: set-up a company page, attract followers, publish content that people will want to engage with, and analyse the results.

It’s when you start looking harder that the unique quirks and advantages of LinkedIn gather momentum. By comparison, paid advertising on LinkedIn can be a cost-effective option, which means that Facebook doesn’t always have to monopolise your time and money.

It is also a brilliant platform to make you look like a ‘thought leader’ in your industry, because it’s the ideal home for longer technical content. In this way, it makes an ideal counterpoint to the short, snappy, visual-led output more at home on other platforms.

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