A festive evening for the RED team

The RED team and their loved ones got together on Saturday night for the annual RED Christmas party.

After catching up over drinks at the newly refurbished Fox and Coney, it was time to head across to the Gallery in South Cave. The restaurant has become a firm favourite in the office, and the food – which ranged from chicken in orange sauce to blue cheese pasta – did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, the guitar didn’t make an appearance this year, but there was plenty of time to relive stories from the past year, share our plans for the upcoming festivities (and 2018!), and crack a joke or two.

We can all agree that it has been a delight to work alongside each other this year, and a pleasure to work with RED’s clients. The team look forward to continuing to build on these relationships over the coming year.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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