A day in the life of… Digital Account Director, Nicole West

In our latest blog series, we found out what a day in the life of RED’s Digital Account Director, Nicole, looks like…

6.15am – a loud wake-up call

I have a 14-month-old boy, so wake-up can start anytime between 5.30 and 7am, depending on when he’s ready to start the day. My husband and I take turns in the morning, so we can both get ready for work and have time to play or read with our son. We usually get through a couple of books or have a run around the garden if it’s nice enough – before getting him dressed and packing his nursery bag.

7.45am – first coffee of the day

Some me-time! My husband does nursery drop off, so I grab some breakfast and my first coffee of the day. Then it’s time to drive the short commute to the RED offices in South Cave. Today I’m listening to a Spotify playlist called “Pure Pop Punk” on the way.

8.20am – catch-up time

Time for another coffee and chat with the team about our weekends. I had Friday off, so I also need to catch up on my emails from then and check if there are any urgent priorities for the morning.

9.30am – scheduling and meetings

I run through the studio schedule with the design team and check if there are any looming deadlines or work we should prioritise for the day. I also run through some of my other calendars and schedules, making sure I have my to-do list prepared and join the editorial meeting. I try to keep as informed as possible, so I can be ready to help other team members if they need it. It’s also helpful to have a full overview of what is going on, as there are always overlaps in our work.

11.00am – social media content creation

I spend the rest of the morning editing reels and creating social media content for one of our clients. We’ve always provided a social media video service, but we’ve recently expanded our offering to bespoke reels and TikTok videos – which we create in-house.

1.00pm – post lunch admin

Another check through my morning emails to see if there is anything new that needs immediate attention. I also send off any completed work that has come my way since the start of the day. After this, I get to work on any projects that need to be handled. This could be anything from creating media and advertising plans for clients (like today), to tracking monthly PR activities or going through design amends in the design studio.

3.00pm – content writing

I’ve been working on blog posts for RED and social media campaign copy for a client. I like to put on some music and get my head down when I’m writing.

4.30pm – final send off

The end of the day is approaching fast. I go through and check I’ve completed everything on my to-do list. Some things get moved across to tomorrow if it’s not urgent. I also go through my emails once more and send off any final work for the day.

5.00pm – home time

Time to head home. First, I drop past the nursery to pick up my little boy. I usually stay and have a natter with the staff in that day about what he’s been up to. Then we head home for playing, bath time and bed. My husband and I have dinner after the little one is in bed and choose a show to watch every night – at the moment we’re powering our way through House of Cards. After that, it’s time to hit the hay!

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