10 incredible years

The number one song when RED first opened its doors in January 2012 was Rihanna’s “We found love”, while the number one movie was Mission: Impossible. Each was an apt soundtrack to starting the business – as founding colleagues Kerrie, Lauren and Paul enjoyed the feelgood factor with new jobs and Macbooks, a cosy office and a feeling of friendship and camaraderie that lasts until this day.


During those early days we also felt a bit like Tom Cruise embarking on his latest daring international adventure. Safe in the knowledge, though, that hard work and loyalty, combined with our trademark honesty and professionalism, would help us on the path to success.


Doing things our way – using the experience and knowledge we’d gleaned from our previous roles – has created what we believe to be a unique marketing and communication experience. We hope that as a team we still have the same level of passion, enthusiasm and commitment that makes such a difference as a true extension of our clients’ teams.


And on choosing the theme for our ten-year anniversary, we decided to say exactly how it is – 10 incredible years. The who, what, where, when and why of this will become apparent as we begin to not only celebrate the past decade, but also look forward to the next ten years with the same love and desire to make our mission: possible.

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